Our history

2009: Enermix was founded

Enermix was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing energy-saving heating solutions to building owners. We started selling and installing heat pumps. As everyone knows, heat pumps are very efficient way of reducing heating costs significantly, typically 30-80% depending of heat pump type.

2010: Birth of Talotohtori service

A year later in 2010 we wanted to add a capability to remotely monitor and control heat pumps we have sold, just to make sure that the heating system works as it should be. This was a birth of Talotohtori service. For next 5 years Talotohtori service was developed to support heat pump sales, installation and maintenance which were the core businesses of the company.

During this time Talotohtori got many new features as it was not connected only to heat pums but also to other heating systems of the buildings such as oil burners, district heating substations, boilers and so on. Talotohtori was connected to almost every different building automation and heat pump brands available in Finnish markets. This includes big international brands such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Danfoss, Nibe, Thermia, Vaillant and Viessman as well as well-known Finnish brands Ouman, Fidelix, Gebwell, Lämpöässä, Jämä and Oilon.

2015: Talotohtori becomes a company's main business

During 2014 discussions started about the company strategy and business focus in future. Discussion started due the fact that Talotohtori service was so well taken by the building owners who invested heat pumps and wanted to ensure maximum ROI with Talotohtori service.

Since Talotohtori was also capable to connect almost any devices in the building a decision was made to put the focus to service business. In practise this change of business focus happened basically over night in August 2016 when Enermix sold the heat pump sales, installation and service business.

By the end of the year Pikespo Invest Oy Ltd made a significant capital investment to Enermix to support further development, marketing and sales of Talotohtori service.

2016: Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber security

When the discussion of "connecting millions of devices to internet" started to boost, we wanted to ensure that IoT devices can be connected to Talotohtori service as easily and smoothly as building automation systems, heat pumps and other devices. Technically speaking this means that Talotohtori is compatible with all global and well-known IoT technologies such as Lora, LoraWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Bluetooth LE, MESH and EnOcean.

One of the concerns about IoT and building automation is cyber security. If your building automation, heat pump or any IoT device is connected to Internet it poses immediately a security risk as they are vunerable to cyber attacts anytime. This kind of attacts has happened also in Finland (see example) and are expected to grow in future.

In Enermix we have taken seriously cyber security threats and put a lot of effort to ensure that this kind of risk is minimized. In 2016 we started partnership with DNA Oyj, a leading Finnish telecom service provider to ensure that any building automation, heat pump or any other IoT devices are not vunerable to cyber attacts. Our connectivity to buildings are always secured and any data is not transmitted via open Internet.

2017: Service development

Discussion of IoT has shifted from "number of devices connected" to services and solutions. Building owners are not interested about IoT technology as such, they rather want to know what is the benefit for them. During 2017 we have announced several new services in Talotohtori that uses IoT technology together with smart Talotohtori software algorithms to make buildings smart and energy efficient.

2018: Talotohtori Ecosystem 

Next year we are focusing of opening Talotohtori concept as an ecosystem. This means several things:

  1. Our customers can be part of service development team by developing for example tailored user interfaces with their own brand (white label approach).
  2. Our partners, who can be for example automation engineering companies, can use Talotohtori ecosystem as a platform to create new services to their customers
  3. University collaboration, for example Automation engineering students can use Talotohtori in their studies to get familiar how to connect IoT devices with Building Automation and what kind of services can be created.

We believe that opening Talotohtori ecosystem will boost the service and solution creation for building owners to next level in coming years. This also lowers the potential "service supplier" risk as there will be many companies capable of providing Talotohtori services and solutions.

To support ecosystem growth we have established a Talotohtori Academy training program which will fully take off during 2018.