Talotohtori 2.0 introduction

Welcome to customer day to explore the new Talotohtori 2.0 concept.

With Talotohtori 2.0 you can easily connect existing building automation systems, smart cloud services (including 3rd parties) and deploy any IoT technologies to build new services that makes buildings smart and energy efficient. This has been made possible by a new platform architecture based on software architecture and standardized data models. An essential part of the software architecture is a common operating system that hides the different building automation systems (BAS) and provides a standardized interface to the data collected from the property as well as to control the devices of the BAS.

In addition to the seminar program, there is also the opportunity to participate in the  "How to create new services and analytics with Talotohtori 2.0" training, where you will learn in a few hours how easily data in standard format can be displayed from various real estate automation systems and IoT sensors and how they can be refined for new services or analyzes.

Remember to make reservation by February 3rd at a Early Bird cost of only 195,00€/person!  Note that there are limited seats.


Digital platforms revolutionizes property maintenance

New technologies based on digital platforms are revolutionizing property management and building technology management. So what does the digital platform mean? For most of us, the word is new and clarification is probably in place. We are all accustomed to buying products when we go to a grocery store or buy a service if we want to watch F1 formulas from pay TV channels. Sales of products and / or services are typically based on the business of almost all companies. This is also the case for us and will continue to be so.

However, we believe that in addition to our products and services, it will be even more important in the future to be able to provide platform-based solutions to our customers. This means in practice a business based on knowledge or data, that is, we are able to process and distribute the data collected by Talotohtori to third parties so that the data is easy to use. In other words, the data we provide is easy and ready to use that it reduces the cost of product development and commercialization of services by third parties. This will also accelerate the emergence of new innovations in the market. In this way, together with our partners, we are able to better serve our customers and provide wider and more comprehensive solutions to our customers' problems and challenges.

What is digital platform economy, Timo Seppälä Leading Scientist, ETLA & Work Life Professor, Aalto University

Smart City solutions require consistent practices

Consistent data models for data related to urban buildings, as well as all other information such as traffic, street lights, etc ... are particularly important when building Smart City solutions. Single service company alone can not provide comprehensive, city-level solutions. Instead, there is a clear need for companies to collaborate, make partnerships and use commonly defined data models based on digital platforms. In that way it is possible to creates sustainable and complete solutions to Smart Cities. We are building this kind future from our part.


Participation fees

SEMINAR PROGRAM from 8:30 to 16:30

  • PRICE 295,00€ / person
  • Early Bird price 195,00 € / person, valid until 3.2.2019
  • Includes seminar lectures, conference facilities, breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee

TRAINING at 13:00 - 14:45

  • In addition to the seminar price +55.00 € / person
  • Only participants in the seminar can register for the training
  • Training is also well suited for managers and salespeople
  • The price includes training in the classroom
  • Take your own laptop with you!

Last registration date 17.2.2019.


Seminar location

Sokos Hotel Torni, Tampere

Ratapihankatu 43
33100, Tampere

Contact info

Billing and cancellation policy

Entry fees will be billed after registration.

The registration can be canceled free of charge until 4.2.2019. We will charge a full price for any cancellations after that. In the event of an obstacle, another person may be notified at no cost.

Cancellation or changes to participation can be made by e-mail to asiakaspalvelu@enermix.fi

Hotel room reservations

The hotel has a reserved 20 Solo single room for € 140 / room / night at 3rd-4th of March. The room rate includes a rich buffet breakfast, a sauna break for hotel guests, wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and VAT. Room rates include Loyalty Card (S-Card) service benefits. Quota reserve is valid until 4.2.2019.

The participant will book their rooms directly from Sokos Hotels Sales Service.

Sokos Hotels Sales Service
Tel. +358 20 1234 600, Fax +358 20 1234 647
Mon-Fri 8-20

Special rates may be obtained by mentioning the quota code Enermix at the time of booking.

Seminar program Tuesday 5th March 2019

9:00 – 10:00


10:00 – 10:30

Customer Day Opening

Janne Heinonen, Enermix Oy

10:30 – 11:00

Smart Building Solutions

We develop Smart Building solutions in collaboration with Enermix, utilizing the opportunities offered by the Talotohtori 2.0 platform.

Jari Järvinen

Senior Business Manager

Elisa Corporation

11:00 – 11:30

To be announced later

11:30 – 12:00

To be announced later

12:00 – 13:00


13:00 – 14:45

Talotohtori 2.0 PRESENTATION and LIVE-DEMO

In this session we show in practise how the Talotohtori 2.0 operating system supports digital platform concept as well as the utilization of data generated by the third parties in the introduction of services. In addition to this, we publish an integrated concept for the Talotohtori 2.0 interface, which makes it easy to obtain and activate services.

Enermix Oy and our partners such as:


CLASS TRAINING: "How to create new services and analytics with Talotohtori 2.0"

In this training, you will learn how easily  data in standard format can be displayed from various real estate automation systems and IoT sensors, and how they can be used for making new services or analytics.



Tuomas Rantala

Team Leader

Building Automation

Enermix Oy

14:45 – 15:15


15:15 – 16:15

Customer case presentations

Our customers show what kind of projects they have used Talotohtori.

16:15 – 16:30

Closing words of seminar

Janne Heinonen / Enermix Oy

LAST YEAR CUSTOMER DAY at Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna