Local energy companies have purchased a majority of Enermix

Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy and Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy have bought a majority of shares of IT company Enermix Oy from current owners Pikespo Investment Oy Ltd and Janne Heinonen.

Enermix Oy provides intelligent remote monitoring and control services (SaaS services) related to property management and energy solutions. The new solution and service market for decentralized energy solutions based on the Internet of Things and new technologies is growing fast. Combinations of traditional energy and building technology and new intelligent digital services are almost limitless and market growth has been rapid. "Our customers have been particularly satisfied with our open and vendor-independent service platform," says Janne Heinonen, Managing Director.

"Our electricity and heat customers have been increasingly interested in enabling new technologies for smart energy solutions," says Juha Koskinen, Managing Director of Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy. "The improved intelligent energy solutions for renewable energy and energy-saving renewable energies now shape the industry faster than anticipated. Our own district heating and electricity grids are directly or indirectly linked to an increasing number of small-scale decentralized energy production. We want to be involved in the transformation of the market as a producer of new intelligent energy solutions. We have been using Enermix's services since 2014, "continues Koskinen.

 Pasi Muurinen, Vice President, Customer Relations at Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy, also notes that the they have collaborated with Enermix and has thus become familiar with the company's digital service platform and its potential. "Our goal is to make the management of our clients' living conditions as easy as possible and in addition to increase both cost and energy efficiency. The services and know-how offered by Enermix are one important part of achieving that goal. For example, the upcoming launch of a heat demand response service for apartment buildings in the autumn has been developed together with Enermix and our customers, "Muurinen says.

In 2015, Enermix made a strategic decision to focus on digital services and completely abandoned the contractor business. "We have been able to increase the net sales of our service business in two years from zero to nearly 400,000 euros, with an annual growth rate of over 200%," says Janne Heinonen.

Demand for digital services in the real estate market is just waking up and this arrangement with the Tampereen Sähkölaitos and Leppäkosken Sähkö enables us to continue on the path of strong growth. "I warmly welcome innovative and forward-looking energy companies as major owners of Enermix. This arrangement also improves our position in the market," says Janne Heinonen.

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